modern nomad’s kit

bachelor’s project

The 21st century society is a mobile society. The time when one would live the entirety of their life in one place is a thing of the past. Nowadays young people live dynamically. Due to the ever improving ease and efficiency of travel they move from one place to another, not staying anywhere for long. This nomadic lifestyle and the small spaces they occupy temporarily force them not to have a lot of things.

Minimalism trend becomes more and more popular. Limiting the amount of things you own is not indicated by compulsion, but by following your life philosophy. Young people are tired of consumerism and they rebel against the culture of materialism.

Inspired by minimalistic philosophy I decided to deal with the problem of frequent removals. The main problem while moving out is the dimentions and weigth of the furniture, as well as its assembling.

Nomada is a modular set of basic furniture – light, easy to assemble and creating one, mobile piece. There is also a space for all private things of the user.

STR TYTULOWA WoronieckaN_GN_2013_L_M01

gif_rozlozenia_1 gif_rozlozenia_2 gif_rozlozenia_3 gif_rozlozenia_4 gif_rozlozenia_5 gif_rozlozenia_6wszystkie_elementy_panorama copy _NIL4361 _NIL4355

_NIL4398 _NIL4397 _NIL4396

_NIL4376 _NIL4385 _NIL4390

_NIL4541 _NIL4550 _NIL4552

_NIL4489 _NIL4501 _NIL4517

_NIL4445 _NIL4443 _NIL4250 nomada_wymiary-01

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