First prize winner installation for Aleksander Żabczyński’s roundabout in Warsaw.


Aleksander Żabczyński was a famous actor starring in movies of interwar period. Cinematography of this time was full of contrasts. Characters were devided between good and bad, beautiful and ugly, serious and full of humor. There was a clear plit for black and white. Those comedies had really simple and lucid thought. They were a kind of morality lesson. This message, additionally underlined by monochromal effect inspired us to create this installation.

Description of the project

The subcjet of the project is to create a roofed passage on one of the circle’s quarters. Installation consists of four stripes of bent sheet metal. From the outside it is matt, from the inside – polished, what underlines features of cinematography of that period mentioned before. Pallarel surfaces angled to the sidewalk create blindes. Three of them are teh same, forth one breaches monotony of the form.

As we walk under the passage, reality devides into single images, slows down. This effect reffers to movement of film slides. Image of the street mixes with our own image. We can stop for a while and read engraved on one of the stripes lyrics of the song “You won’t forget me now” performed by Aleksander Żabczyński in the movie “Forgotten melodies”. Text is written with Półtawski’s Roman type, designed in 20’s as the first typeface dedicated for Polish language.





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